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Religion project

No: In a society with religion it allows us to be multicultural and people can see and have knowledge of other people's faith. Also we can have a next generation of strong minded people and disciplined people as religion can give us this. Also religion has given us education as the church had invented education.

Yes: If we had a world without religion there would be no dicsrimination. Also the laws inside religion are quite restricting and can involve harm to people who disobey. Also there is quite a lot of money in religion which could be used to develop under privilidge areas in the world. Also in religion there is a lot of rascism due to arrogant people thinking they are immigrants or not welcome among society. People would not be able to excuse crimes becuase they did it in the name of their God.

Would the World be a better place without Religion

Conclusion: I feel that the world does not need society as I feel most wars are caused by Religion. Also many people are discriminated due to their Religion. However, I see the benefit in Religion as we can have a multicultural society and learn about different faiths and beliefs.


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