Religion in Fasting, Feasting

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Religion in Fasting, Feasting

Religion in Fasting, Feasting

In Hinduism, it is believed that making eye contact with a God or Goddess will create a connection between the devotee and the deity. However, in Fasting, Feasting religion is often the source of discord among characters. As such, I have decided to make the central images of my Glogster Jesus and Shiva with their eyes blocked out. No disrespect is intended in any way.

This video plays a song called ''Messes of Men'' by the band MewithoutYou. Members of the band are influenced by Christian, Jewish, and Suffi principles. The lyrics (''flowing forgetfully along, with no need to be strong, we keep our confessions long yet when we pray we keep it short'') along with the sporatic images of flight, water, suburbia, and nature all fit the themes of Fasting, Feasting.

The wordle above is made from the text of all the prayers in Fasting, Feasting. Seizure motif- when Uma has her seizures, it connects her to the religious community (pg. 60), but also alienates her from her family (pg. 101). When the seizures disappear when she falls into the river, it is both a baptism and a fall from grace: she becomes normal and loses her respect in the religious world, and is grudgingly accepted into normal society. It is left ambiguous whether these fits are seizures or actual religious experiences.

Desai compares barbecues to communion on page 165. Arun's choice not to eat meat disconnects him from the ''Religion'' of America, and thus from America as a whole.

Mira-Masi: the quintessential pilgrim. Her Religious devotion connects her to other pilgrims, while also dividing her from her own family.

(pg. 54-56) On the Bus, Mira-Masi is comfortable with the pilgrim community, but refuses to speak with the muslim who drives the tonga. Uma, ignorant of this religious boundary, is comfortable on the tonga and uncomfortable on the bus.



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