Relationships between The Handmaid's tale and V for Vendetta

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Relationships between The Handmaid's tale and V for Vendetta

Relationships between The Handmaids Tale and V for Vendetta

Darkness is used throughout both The Handmaid's Tale and V for Vendetta to characterise both The Commander and V with male dominance. In doing this, Offred and Evey become more vulnerable, however their vulnerability enhances their stength as the juxtaposition between dark and light is explored, where dark is the more favourable option as the dystopic world they live in is a dark place during daytime and night represents freedom.

Punishment is common, often by death across both texts. This suggests that the societies are failed utopias. Rather than increasing the amount of good people in society, they simply remove the bad people. Death is a punishment for people who don't conform to the 'utopia' being created, however the common the heavy use of hangings, in the handmaids tale, and slitting of throats in V for vendetta suggests that these societies are more of a dystopia.

The language chosen is also similar in the characterisation of V and the commander. Both characters are well spoken which suggests an upbringing outside of the dystopic environment that is rising around them. V's characterisation relies on language without the assistance of facial expressions. His language choices are crucial. His language is in heavy detail and very formally spoken from when he is initially introduced.

Rebellion is common upon protagonists in many speculative fiction texts, with The Handmaid's Tale and V for Vendetta being no exception. The protagonist is often a rebel who can rebel just enough that they are not brainwashed by government or faith, but still seem like they are. Offred uses small, unnoticeable acts of rebellion such as playing scrabble with the commander and sneaking into Nick's room at night. She accepts that she is in the lower class of society, but has hope that this will change soon. She is not rebelling for anybody to notice her, but instead to reassure herself that she has control over her own actions, because "Maybe it's about who can do what to whom and be forgiven for it.".V has a very different approach to rebellion, taking the societies inequalities into his own hands. He takes his ideal society without 'bad people' and merges it with the terrible one he lives in. He is threatened many times while altering the way the society is ran, but in his words "what you have are bullets and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer standing."




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