[2015] Kylee Grau (7-3 4th quarter): Relationships

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[2015] Kylee Grau (7-3 4th quarter): Relationships

Mathew Grau is a good leader. I know this because he is excellent at communitcating to others. He states what he wants Assertively. Mathew always puts people first not himself first and just overall a great leader that I want to become when I am older.

Good Listeners in my life

Good listeners in my life are my mom, or Dawn Grau, and my sister, Amberlee Grau

Dawn and Amberlee Grau are good listeners because they never interupt when I talk to either of them. They also give input on things when I ask or when I am done talking. They never are really rude to me and they both always makes eye contact. They are Passive listeners.

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Who is a Good Decison Maker in my Life?

A good decison maker in my life is my brother, Mathew Grau

Reasons he is a Good Positive Decision Maker1. Mathew thinks before he acts. He doesn't do something ''stupid'' because its cool. He does the right thing.2. Mathew has not got into trouble with the law and I admire that.

Good Communicator in my life...My DadMy dad makes me think about my decisons without yelling at me. He makes me also a better person and I like that about him. He talks to me about a decison not in an aggressive way . He makes me do better in school and in soccer. My dad is a good communicator to me.

A Good Leader in My life

Mathew Grau was a Captain for Hanover College soccer for about 3-4 years and a person I always looked up to. He was also the president of his frat which is a really big leader.

Characteristics I like:

Honesty, Respect, TrustworthyI value honesty because honesty is what makes you trustworthy. Honesty and trustwhorthy tie together. You can build relationships off of them. I value respect because respect can really pay off in the long run. It can help you with careers and friendships and if you repect me, I respect you its just that simple.

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