Relationship of Mosaic in Math

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Relationship of Mosaic in Math

Although mosaic is an art mathematics is also involved as well as the geometric shapes in pictures, the different symmetries and mosaic is also taught in grade school math. They use mosaic as one strategy for students to practive their fraction, decimals, and percentage. There are four basic types of symmetries that architect and artist often applies in mosaics. The different symmetry are translations, reflection, rotation and glide symmetry. In order to recognize the symmetry of a mosaic is through tessellation. Tessellation is the pattern resulting from the arrangement of regular polygons to cover a plan withour any gaps or overlapping.

Battistero di San Giovani, Florence, Italy

Mosaic is a form of art which murals are made using tiny tiles or pieces of paper cuts and also use to decorate walls, ceiling and floors. Mosaic is considered as an additive medium, which means one piece follows another and it has been used since the fourth millenium BC. The earliest known mosaics are Chinese and it was a pebble-paved mosaics. While the Sumerians used cone-shaped rods pushed into pillar and walls to produce geometric patterns. Normally the pebbles are triangular or foursquare and put together into a mosaics. Building mosaic also applies mathematics into it.

Connection of Tessellations in Mosaic

Mosaic can aid understanding fraction proportions, decimals and percentage.

Reflection Symmetry:When drawing a line in the middle of the picture plane, one side of the image is the mirror image of the other.

Rotation Symmetry:It is repeated as it rotates around a center point. Four times is the 90-degree and eight times is the 45-degree rotation

Translation Symmetry:It is just repeating the design along a lone and it shows the geometrical shapes in the same alignment as the original.

Glide Symmetry:It is a combination of reflection and translation in the direction parallel to the mirror are performed.

Four Symmetries

Roman Making Mosaic

Relationship of Mosaic in Math


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