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Related Literature

Charlie the Ranch DogBy: Ree Drummond Scholastic RL: 1.5Charlie the Ranch dog is a book written by Ree Drummond and illustrated by Diane deGroat. The story focuses on an older Basset Hound, named Charlie, who takes the reader on a tour of his ranch home. He introduces his best friend Suzie, an energetic Jack Russell terrier, who is quite different from Charlie. Suzie does not have the big paws, droopy eyes, floppy skin, or dangly ears that Charlie has, but this does not stop them from being friends and working on the ranch together. Charlie shows us his daily life of chasing the cow out of the yard, keeping the critters away, and helping ‘mama’ in the garden. He says that work is what he does best and he also helps out by rounding up cattle, repairing fences, and catching fish. Students will also enjoy the humorous inner monologue of Charlie saying how hard he is working and the conflicting illustrations of him playing around and napping.

Related Literatue

Justine Foster

The Magic Tree House SeriesBy: Mary Pope OsborneThe series follows two caracters, Jack and Annie, from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. One day they discovered a treehouse in the woods that was filled with books. They soon realized that this tree house had special powers and that it belonged to the magical librarian, Morgan. Jack and Annie decide to help Morgan on her travels through time and space in search of other books for her collection. Along the way, they stumble across exciting adventures across many different time periods and locations.Books Selected:Afternoon on the AmazonRL: 2.1Scholastic RL: 3.1The Magic Tree House takes Jack and Annie to the Amazon River. They, however, get lost and must find their way back out by working together.High Tide in HawaiiRL: 2.3Scholatic RL: 2.3The Magic Tree House takes Jack and Annie to the Hawaii, but in the past. They discover the culture and lifestyle of the people and even partake in some surfing. A problem arises when they discover a tidal wave is headed in their direction and they must save their new friends.

A to Z Mysteries SeriesBy: Ron RoyA to Z Myteries is a series that includes a book for every letter of the alphabet. The series follows the adventures of three kid detectives Dink, Josh, and Ruth. Throught the series they embark on adventures while solving crimes and mysteries.Books Selected:White House White-outRL: 2.1Scholastic RL: 3.1While sightseeing in Washington, D.C., Dink, Josh, and Ruth have the pleasure of meeting the president's stepdaughter and her friend. In all the chaos of setting up for Christmas, the family dog escapes. The gang must then set out in the cold, dark, and crowded streets to find the dog with an upcoming snowstorm moving in.The New Year Dragon DilemmaScholastic RL: 3.2A mystery arises at the start of the Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco. Dink, Josh, and Ruth travel across thr country to experience this celebration only to find out that Miss Chinatown's crown has gone missing. To save the celebration they must find out who is responsible through clever investigative work.

Flat Stanley SeriesBy: Jeff BrownFlat Stanley was a normal and average boy until a freak accident occured. A bulletin board fell on him and caused him to experience the world in a different way. This series follows his adventures that span the globe.Books Selected:Flat StanleyHis Original AdventureAges: 7-10RL: 3Scholastic RL: 4.4This book explains how flat Stanley came to be so flat. After an inncident with a bulletin board, Stanley was flattened in his sleep. He soon discovers all the benefits of being flat. Stanley can now slide under doors, mail himself across the country, and he can even stop thieves from stealing paintings from the Famous Museum of Art. Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures 8The Australian Boomerang BonanzaAges: 7-10Scholastic RL: 3.7Stanley and his broter win a trip to Australia. They travel across the globe together and have adventures together. They experience surfing in the ocean, diving off the Great Barrier Reef, and visit Ayer’s Rock in the Outback. Their trip does not always go smoothly and Stanley experiences trouble when his brother uses him as a boomerang. Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures 1The Mount Rushmore CalamityAges: 7-10Scholastic RL: 4.4In this book, Stanley and his family go to Mount Rushmore. After making friends with a cowgirl, he has a Wild West experience. Stanley learns more than the adventures of the Wild West, but he also gets a lesson in the Black Hills wildlife and the gold rush.

Down by the BayBy: RaffiScholastic RL: 2.5Down by the Bay is a book from the well-loved song by Raffi. It describes a place down by the bay where the watermelons grow. The main character dares to not go home and considers the different things their mother would say. The verses that follow of what the mother would say pair’s nonsensical things such as “did you ever see a bear combing his hair” and “a goose kissing a moose”. The picture book also displays illustrations of these amusing characters and the colorful settings as they are described in this book.


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