Reinventing Schools

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Reinventing Schools

Schools can play a huge role in a child's success in the real world. Students need to be given a reason to go to school, and that reason is to better our society. Because of this, students will ultimately better themselves to be productive citizens in society. Students need to be allowed to make choices in their education so they can learn about subjects that interest them. Students also need to learn through mutiple disciplines, including the arts of music, dance, drama, and art. When education is strictly structuredl it only benefits students from a test taking perspective. If students are given more freedom in their education, this allows the students to develop and perfect the skills that they want to pursue in life.

Extrinsic Motivation


Reinventing Schools

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Revolutionary Schools in the USA

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HCZ is a non-profit organization for poverty-stricken children and families living in Harlem, providing free support in the form of parenting workshops, a pre-school program, three public charter schools, and child-oriented health programs for thousands of children and families.


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