Reinventing Sch

by jaurbanski
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Reinventing Sch

"Encouragement is Key"Sugata Mitra social experiment of putting computers in "holes in the walls" for children in areas of poverty and slums provided kids with an education where teachers and funding were simply unavailable. Traditional, "Victorian education" is obsolete- we don't need all children to be produced the same way to do the same things. Children can learn from other means, like a computer, in a "hole in the wall". (Mitra, 2013).

What does social entrepreneurship do for schools?"Pulls students in, rather than pushes them in"Encourages students to want to help others around them.Students take an active role in understanding social issues and problems surrounding them

How can social entrepreneurial attitudes affect school change?~ Focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills~ Creates opportunities for hands on learning and project based learning~ Allows opportunities for personalized learning for students

Social Entrepreneurship: Martin and Osberg define it as “the social entrepreneur aims for value in the form of large-scale, transformational benefit that accrues either to a significant segment of society or to society at large."(As cited Zhao, 2012).

ReferencesMitra, S. (2013, February 27). Build a school in the cloud [Video file]. Retrieved from youtube website: v=y3jYVe1RGaUTEDTalks: Charles Leadbeater. Education Innovation in the Slums [Video file]. (2010). In Films On Demand. Retrieved June 18, 2015, from, S. (n.d.). Promoting entrepreneurial attitudes and skills through elementary education. Retrieved from http://, Y. (2012). World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Reinvent Education on your Campus and Introduce Elementary Stage Children to the Complex Concept of Entrepreneur:•Taking Initiative•How Entrepreneurs Think•What Entrepreneurs Look For – An Opportunity•Using senses for finding opportunities•What signals a good opportunity•How to sell your idea•Developing a business plan

Social entrepreneurship invests effort into the actual needs of a society, which will change the face of education and the whole of society.

Education + Technology = HOPE

This mindset will affect school change because it will develop the individual student instead of focusing on students as a whole. It will individualize instruction to positively impact society.

How might schools in the United States be reinvented to better serve students?•Schools must be willing to adjust objectives and outcomes•Recognizing that radical changes are needed in order to improve education•Educators who are willing and capable to lead such changes•Specializing in a specific area, such as engineering and technology•Understanding that students learn in many different ways and styles



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