Reign of Terror

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Reign of Terror

EQ: How did the actions of the Jacobins affect the goals of the French Revolution?

How did the French Revolution shift approaches?

Group of insurgents led by the Jacobins attacked the royal residence and seized the royal family.The Legislative Assembly was replaced by the National Convention proclaiming abolishment of the monarchy and the establishment of a French republic.The Jacobians seized control of the government and insisted on more revolutionary measures.

Who were the Jacobins and what were their goals?

Were similar to a political partyMade up of bourgeoisie men and liberal aristocratsBy 1792, took over government under Robespierre420,000, 000 members in FranceWanted:-To discuss policies that would be implemented by the National Assembly in advance-Support DOTROM-Cooperation and communication with other political clubs in France to build alliances and work towards preserving the Revolution.Platform (policy goals):-Republic government-widespread education-universal suffrage-separation of church and state-Called for the end of divine right government

Who was Robispierre?

Maximilien de Robespierreaka "The Incorruptible" by his supporters and "blood thirsty dictator" by his critics-Dedicated revolutionary disciple of Rousseau -Led the Reign of Terror from 1793-1794

What happened to the French monarchy?

King=enemy to Jacobins-August 1792, king is officially arrested for reason and consipring with the Austrian Hapsburgs-Found guilty and sent to the guiliotine on Jan.21, 1793Robespierre felt that if the revolution were to live, the king must die.Marie Antionette was exceuted 9 months later.

What was the Committee of Public Safety?

-12 men led by Robespierre-April 1793, took control of the a branch of the primary seat of government-Had broad powers in the organization of defenses, foreign policies, and ordering arrests and trials for counterrevolutionaries.-Controlled military, judicial, and legislative -Goal was to protect the new republic from foreign attacks and internal sabatoge.-Established mass conscription-Created a large army-Conflict over liberty/equality vs. removing threats to those values-About 17,000 people died in the Reign of Terror via the guillotine. Another 25,000 to 100,000 F citizens were executed across F.-It was a quick and "humane" way of execution.-The neck was placed directly beneath the blade, and victim was decapitated.-Fall of 1793 arrests and executing were at a massive scale.-72% of those perished were of the Third Estate.....Is the revolution still for the people?-July 28, 1794, the Reign of Terror ends with Robespierre being sent to the guillotine.

"Let us be in revolution because everywhere counter-revolution is being woven by our enemies. The blade of the law should hover over all guilty."


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