[2015] Ryan Mendez: Regional geography

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[2015] Ryan Mendez: Regional geography

Cod Fish

When founded: Multiple dates can define when Mass. Bay Colony was founded. The Wampanoags have always lived in Massachusetts. The Europeans discovered it in 1524 during an exploring and the Pilgrims settled there in 1620. Massachusetts Bay colony was established in 1630. Why founded: The pilgrims wanted religous freedom.

Native Americanstribal name : Wampanoag Location: Massachusettsdaily life: hunting (turkey, deer, bear), farming (corn, squash and beans), fished, made their own clothes, homes/housing- They made structures called wetus or wigwams and longhousesroles of family members: men, women, childrenWomen- tended the farms and did sewing and turned animal hides into leather and fur clothing. Men-hunted animals such as turkey, deer and bears and fished. Children learned from their parents. Strong community - successful hunters shared their huts with less fortunate families. agriculture-crops- maize (corn), squash and beans They did green bean and green corn harvest ceremony. They did it in mid summer.they celebratioed a lot and they sung danced.they had thanksgiving and we still have it.they had new year. New year comes at the spring planting time.celebrations were of seasons and harvests times.

Name: Massachusetts Bay ColonySignificance: named after the Native American tribe called the MassachusettFounder: Giovanni da Verrazano and his men were the first Europeans to visit what is now Massachusetts. When founded: Verrazano arrived in 1524 where he was greeted by the Wampanoag.The Mayflower arrived in 1620. In 1780 the Massachusetts state charter is drafted. Why founded: Verrazano founded MA during an exploration mission for France. The Pilgrims settled there because they were trying to start a colony because they were fleeing religious persecution and wanted to find a place they could freely worship

Native People

MassachusettsBay Colony


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