Reggio Emilia

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Reggio Emilia

Children are strong capable learners

*Provide opportunities for long-term projects*Focus on children's interests*Views art as a language used to express ideas*Learning through touching, moving, listening, and observing*Freedom to interact with others and materials*Endless opportunities to express themselves*Teachers act as co-learners and facilitators*Families are greatly involved

The Reggio Emilia schools were started in Northern Italy by Loris Malaguzzi after WWII. The environment in these schools is vastly different from many other schools. These schools focus on the children's interests through a self-guided curriculum. Teachers are obsevers and partners that work together with children to question the world around them, learn about their environment, develop plans, and create using their imaginations.


Reggio Emilia


This approach would greatly benefit ELL students. ELL students can express themselves non-verbally through movement and art, and learn English from interacting with peers and teachers in a comfortable way.


By: Rebekah Marks

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*Get to know children's interests*Set up engaging activities & projects*Give options and opportunities*Provide different materials*Treat children with respect*Document children's thinking processes and findings

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