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The beverage cooler is one of the most similar items to the ice box because it uses lots of ice put in it to cool down drinks quickly and for hours at a time. Though because of the common opening and closing combined with not being completely insulated, this isn't used for consistant cooling and cannot store food and drinks for days with continual use.

Today, refrigerators use temerature controlled and sealed compartments to keep certain things cold and others frozen, similar to having to place things closer to the ice block in an ice box in-order to get different temperatures from exposure.

The Refrigerator

Early Refrigeration

The Ice Box was lined with tin or zinc, filled with sawdust, seaweed, and/or other materials to keep the ice from melting.

The Ice Box consisted of various areas that recieved more exposure to the ice, making the things that needed to be colder placed closer to the ice block.

Ice Harvesting for Ice Boxes

The Ice boxes contained a tray that would collect the water from the melted ice and would need to be emptied every day.

Sir Francis Bacon was one of the first people to experiment with ice and food preservation, but died of pneumonia because of it.

Alexander Twining, James Harrison, and John Gorrie were all involved in the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle.

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Refrigerating became a lot easier when people started using ammonia as a coolant, but it was toxic if leaked which didn't make it safe for a home.

For thousands to millions of years, ice has been able to preserve ancient animals for almost prefect viewing today.

Natural Preservation

Though not because of the ice, but because of the cold, trees have adapted to the temperatures in-order to live out the winter months.

Albert Einstein contributed a method for a refrigerator that was very eco-friendly, but it used ammonia making it susceptible to leaks and it wasn't energy efficient.

Albert Einstein and the Refrigerator

Researchers from Oxford are now working off of Einstein's plans to make a more energy efficient rerigerator with the same eco-friendly qualities as his original.

These inconveniences in refrigerating would resolve in the making of Eletric Refrigerators

Ice boxes are still used today, but just not in the same way. Instead of using it as your main place for food storage, most people use chest freezers as extra storage for things like Pizza that they might keep for long periods before eating.

The most common way to preserve items today is in an eletric refrigerator because it's easy to use and doesn't require the production of ice, but instead just electricity as the name implies.

Even to today, improvements such as pull-out drawers instead of doors are being added to make the use of refrigerators easier. Temperature controls also add more customizability for different sections, making the user able to adjust it to their needs.

Today, our chest freezers are also sometimes powered by electricity, making them not always as closely authentic to the original ice boxes.


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