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Energy & Environment

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SocietyPositive- People don't have to go to the market daily.Negative- People can develope habits by having food in the fridge and eating the food which will lead to laziness and obeseity.


CulturePositive- Refrigerate their game without bacteria.Negative- Can spoil meat by freezer burn.

EconomyPositive- 4% growth in sales of refrigeration appliances in 2014. Reasonable prices.Negative- Pent-up demand for costly refrigeration applicances broke two years of decline in 2013. Some people can't afford.

William Cullen at the University of Glasgow demonstrated the first artificial refrigeration system in 1748. But, he never used his discovery for practical purposes. In 1805, US inventor Oliver Evans, designed the first refrigeration machine that didn't use liquid, but instead used vapor to cool.



PoliticsPositive- The FDA sets out programs to regulate food temperatures to keep food fresh.Negative- Legislation leads to implementation of energy efficeint products which are infrior to their predcessors.

EnvironmentPositive- Reduce the waste of food.Negative- It creates ozone depletion and global warming because of refrigerants.

Ice HousesPeople collected ice from ponds and lakes. Then, they put the ice in a house called an ice house.This was one of the first refrigerators.

Ice BoxesIce boxes are boxes that you can put big chunks of ice in to keep your food cool.

Electric Refigeration Automatically uses gas to cool off the food at a certain temperature, and can produce ice.

Zero- Energy Bio refrigeratorThe Bio Robot Refrigerator utilizes a special gel-like substance that suspends and cools food once inserted.


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