Refreshing the Library

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Refreshing the Library

MuralsMural to brighten a library wall. Coordinate with the art teacher and students. No to low cost

RugsA rug for the story center area which is appealing for the younger students. It will brighten the area.Low cost

LightingAdding floor lighting or hanging lights to change the ambience. Some students have trougle with flouresent lighting, so a corner of with this lightning would be helpful.Low cost

Riser SeatingSeating in story area so students can see more easily from the back.Low cost

10 ideas for putting life back into library spaces.

ShelvingRearrange shelving to make a storytime section or for directing traffic flow.No Cost

Refreshing the Library

CushionsCushions and/or beanbags for story hour.Low cost (PTO might also help with cost.)

EntranceMake the entrance special with a theme. Low cost with the help of volunteers

PlantsBringing the outside in with plants can be calming. Plants can also help the air in the library. from:

SignsNew signs for the library. The signs could point directions and/or help students with the nonfiction areas.No to Low Cost

Reading CornerAn area for students to sit, relax, and read away from tables.Low


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