Reform of the Poor

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Reform of the Poor

Urbanization, immigration, and industrialization transformed New York and other major cities econmies between 1890-1920s. This created poverty to be more common for the working class but it also created enormus wealth for some.

Reform of the Poor

During the 1890s-1920s society faced and was affected by many different things, such as poverty, violence, greed, racsism, class welfare.

This was addressed by providing good education, a safe environment and an efficent workplace.

Progressivism began as a socail movement and the grew into a politcal movement. Early progressives rejected Social Darwinism.

Amendments 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th were all Progressive Era Amendments.

Social reformers during the Progressive Era were Jane Addams, Ida Tarbel and Jacob Riis (Author of the Jungle about the horrible working conditions of the meat packing plants during this significant time.)


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