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On Friday, I had my first student art show with two fifth grade classes. It was awesome! It was so worth all the extra hours and stress to see how happy and proud the kids were. The kids organized the show doing everything from making invitations, fliers, deciding how to set up, putting together easels, and running the event. Students invited their families to come and we had about 44 family members show up. I invited the school to walk through and I think that was my favorite part. The kids walking through were so excited and interested in what the older kids had created. The questions that were being asked were great! There were many moments that I just wanted to burst out crying because I was so happy with the results. I had a lot of comments said and emails sent to me saying how much the kids and teachers enjoyed talking to the kids and looking at the art. I am very upset because my principal hasn’t said a word about it to me. Even when I ran into her during the show, she said nothing, just walked by me. This is really frustrating me, because I think it was a great turnout, awesome for the kids, and a positive experience for the school so for her to not even acknowledge it is really disheartening. Anya, Brandie, and I talk often about how it is so important for principals to trust their staff. We all love how Jerad trusts and supports his staff whole heartedly and I truly think that is what is missing at the school we teach at. I had an incident this past week that really solidified that for me. A kindergarten student painted black ink on my classroom wall while walking into class one day. I did not see it because I was greeting the kids coming in and touching base with their teacher. When I walked into the class, this student had black all over his arm and was standing by my newly painted black wall. I immediately asked him what happened and told him that it needs to be cleaned up right away. He proceeded to throw a fit, run around the room, and scream that he didn't do it. I should mention that this child has stolen a cell phone, has taken items out of his teachers' desk, destroyed classrooms and so on. I called to the office for help because he was not calming down and he was going crazy. No one was available so an aide came to help me. To make a long story short, we finally got him out of my room about a half an hour later. I ran into the prinicipal later and she told me that he told her that he didn't do it, another student did. I told her that I asked a few other students what happened and they told me they saw this particular student do it. She told me that I had to let it go for now. The next day I was still very upset because a student can not paint a wall and get away with it. I went into her office right away in the morning and told her how I felt. She told me that she believed the student and I was not to punish him. Wow, I felt completely defeated. That is totally what is wrong with our school. Our principal will do anything she can to side with the students and parents, but will never back or support the teachers. Sorry for my rant but I have never felt this left behind and frustrated before. I am looking daily at job openings because I have been so unhappy this year. On a positive note, spring break is in 4 days woohoo!!


March 2014

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1) Standard 1: Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance & support for implementation of the school district's student achievement goals.2)Standard 2: Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position. 3)Standard 8: Fulfills professional responsibilities established by the school district.


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