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Throughout the whole research, one of the information that surprised me was that sexually transmitted disease is different from sexually transmitted infection. Since the term “sexually transmitted disease” is more frequently used then “sexually transmitted infection”, I never knew that there was such a term as STI. It was also new to me that STI is a broader term than STD. It never occurred to me that sexually transmitted infections may not show symptoms, thus I thought that STD included the infections that did not show symptoms. I was also unaware of the serious consequences and symptoms of the different sexually transmitted infections. It did not have a large impact on my thoughts until I saw the pictures or infected people. It was unbearable to look at the pictures. It was then that I realized that sexually transmitted infections should receive everybody’s attention as this may happen to anyone at anytime. Prevention is better than cure. This sentence which is often said by my mother is indeed true in this context. Despite researching on sexually transmitted infections, there are a few queries that I remain unanswered. Since sexually transmitted infections are not as restricted to transmission through sex alone, than is the term actually misused? Since the word “sexually” is present in the term “sexually transmitted infection”, then how can this term refer to infections through other types of contact? Another query is that how can parasites be a form of infection? Parasites are insects. They feed on other live beings’ blood for nutrition to survive. With further consideration, parasites should not be considered an infection but rather an infestation.

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