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I was indeed surprised when I found out that a lack of protease could lead to athritis, osteoporosis and other calcium deficient diseases. I did not know that an enzyme digesting protein would play such a major role in calcium development. The body is indeed a very delicate balance!

Interesting Information

It was also interesting to find out that enzymes work depending on their molecular structure. I always wondered why that was so.

Problems faced

It was challenging to find ample information for certain enzymes, especially amylase and protease but I continued to search patiently and I eventually found a lot of reliable information. I learnt that we should never give up and always go all out to achieve what we want.

There were some difficult scientific terms that I did not understand but I looked up some scientific dictionaries and now I understand more scientific terms than I used to.

I also had a lack of IT skills and at first I did not know a few vital glogster functions, such as linking glogs but after asking around one of my friends taught me how to and I am truly grateful.

Unanswered Queries

Protease digests protein but is a protein itself so why does it not digest itself?

When we vomit why does the hydrochloric acid not corrode our mouth?

Reflection Part 2



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