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Reflection pg 2

Reflection, pg 2

There were some difficulties that I faced while doing this project. There were certain websites that provided a whole chunk of information. It was hard to seek out the main points as they were not highlighted in the mass of information. Hence, I had to search for other websites which pinpointed the main information. There were also some technical problems which I faced, where all my glogs are being secured as private. As a result, some people could not access the glogs. Despite contacting my friends and searching for a solution myself, this problem is still not solved. Many a times, people overlook the fact that it is almost impossible to contract these infections. Such a mindset should be changed. We should not totally rely on our advanced society, technology medical science. Though our society is more advanced as compared to the 20th century, technology and medical science cannot totally prevent us from contracting these diseases. It can only help us by curing us. In worse cases, medical science and technology may not be able to help us at all. We should be careful and take care of our own lives. When people have sex, protection should be used unless there is a reason. For example, having children. Married couples or parties whom are intimae with each other should notify the other party of their health condition to ensure that sexually transmitted infections are not spread. In conclusion, prevention is better than cure. Take precaution and be careful to ensure one stays healthy.

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