Reflection on the effects of stereotyping

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Reflection on the effects of stereotyping

What matters most is how you see yourself

Expectations are affected by stereotypes. We often assume what someone's skill set or intelligence level is based on their appearance. When we lower our expectations of students, we limit their opportunity for academic achievement and over time, they will lower their own expectations of themselves. The video "A Class Divided" showed students who misbehaved and scored low on assignments because they were told that is what they would do.When the teacher lowers the expectations of a student. . .Cont'd Below

Stereotyping eliminates the vast uniqueness of each individual. Stereotyping looks at the outward appearance and makes assumptions about that person. The video "A Girl Like Me" showed that the stereotypes of black women were hurtful and confusing as well as completely false. Stereotypes cause us to lose focus of what we can achieve because we become focused on the things that make us different; many times, things we cannot change.


Achievement Through Unbiased Expectations

Affect on Expectations

Academic AchievementThe Good news is that when students are given clear objectives and meaningful instruction with the teacher's expectation they will succeed, they become highly motivated to achieve academically. The video "A Class Divided" showed that when the students were expected to be 'smart' and 'responsible', they were!

their self-esteem is affected and they no longer believe they can do it. When they no longer believe they can do it, they no longer have the motivation to try. If a teacher holds all students to the same objectives, the same standards and challenges each student to meet that goal , that teacher sends a message that the students are bright and capable to accomplish what they need to achieve to succeed.

Expect Student Success

The students' performance improved basically overnight when they were in a group believed to be a successful group. On the other hand, when they were in a group that was told they were not smart and not able to do well in school, they performed worse.


High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations ~ Charles Kettering


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