Reflection of a reading lesson plan

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Reflection of a reading lesson plan

Evidence of Active Learning- using the personal thinking record-classroom discussion- group discussion -filling the Rock formation sheet- reviewing main ideas fact versus fiction

Examples of effective teaching practices used- graphic organizers- class discussion-group discussion -read aloud-word walls-guided practice

Teaching Reflection

Ideas for the future.I was concerned about the timeline, and students didn't have access to all requitred material at all times. Create a precise timeline. Make sure kids have access to the text all through the lesson for constant reviewHave videos at the end of class showing the rock formation. This may a great way to integrate the lesson plan before they start thier independent work on it. Have them work in pair to define the vocabulary words and come back as a group to discuss it allowing for more hands on experience. Have samples of rocks on hand for students to engage with types of rocks

-Review and highlight appropriate standards-Create the goals-Create objectives for the lesson Create a rubric to measure objectives-Create an assessment to measure the objectives-Create engaging learning activites(guided practice/independent practice)-Incorporate effective teaching practicesCreate activites that promote differentiation-

How to organize for instruction


- know who is in the class and be sensitive to their needs/abiltes-classroom resources-active instruction time versus administrative tasks-takes in to consideration depth of knowledge in creating assignments projects and lessons- creates activites to engage multiple intelligences- maintaining high expectation and creating deamands comensurate with that.

Influences for organizing litercy instruction

Behaviorism- Read aloudSocial Constructivism- Filling the vocabulary sheet using conetxt to decode meaning of words. Constructivism - "how are rocks formed sheet"- group work


Teaching Theories




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