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Redwall Book Evaluation

Redwall takes place in Mossflower Wood. And in Mossflower Wood there is a place of sanctuary and, peace known as Redwall Abbey. Here, animals from all across the land can come for food and shelter. And, in return, Redwall Abbey is neutral to conflicts that may arise. But just as the inhabitants of the Abbey were celebrating another good year, a rat known as Cluny the Scourge shows up in Mossflower Wood seeking to capture Redwall Abbey for his own with his vast army of rats.. There is a legend at Redwall that Martin the Warrior, who lived many hunreds of years ago, and founded Redwall, once ended a great war with his powerful sword and shield. It is destined that a young mouse named Mathias would find these ancient relics and restore peace to Mossflower Wood and rid the land of Cluny the Scourge forever!

Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool, England on June 15, 1939. He loved writing ever since he was ten years old. By the time he finished school when he was fifteen, he became a merchant seaman. Once he got tired of the long lonely life of a sailor, he moved back to Liverpool and acquired many jobs such as a stand-up comedian. He has two grown sons by this time and even hosted a radio show. On February 5th, 2011, Brian passed away.

RedWallBy: Brian Jacques


Plot Summary

MathiasMathias quickly became a main character from the start of the book. He is a brave young mouse who doesn't fear anything. He was willing to risk his life for the sake of the Abbey and proved it many times. As you get further into the book, the reader begins to realize more about Mathias that sets him apart from the others and relates him to Martin the Warrior.

Abbot MortimerAlso known as Father Abbot, Mortimer serves as Redwall Abbey's leader or perhaps cheif of command. He keeps order and makes sure that everything is done when it needs to be done. He also serves a Mathias' mentor throughout the book, giving him advice and such.

Main CharactersV

Main Themes

UnderdogThis theme is very strong in this book in the fact that Mathias starts out almost as a monk or scholar, but in the end he shows his power to overcome great obstacles and defeat great evil.Good vs. EvilThroughout the entire book, one is always viewing both sides of the battlefield; and as one learns the secrets about the two, one constantly wonders which will prevail. In the end, ultimately, there is one winner.

"Mathias walked out into the road, staff in hand. Stray wisps of hay drifted down behind him. His legs trembled uncontrollably. Constance hauled the Abbey cart back on to the road. Cornflower was helping her mother and Mrs. Churchmouse to calm the little ones' tears of fright. Together they stood in the cart tracks amid the settling dust."Did you see that?"I saw it but I dont believe it!""What in heaven was it?""What in hell more like.""All those rats! Such big ones, too.""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself."Page 30

Mathias and the word "staff" both relate directly to biblical terms. And, Constance in the second sentence relates to the definition of reliability which is "constant," more so she hauled the cart which is labor. The "Abbey Cart" is another allusion to the bible because an abbey is a place of sanctuary. Moving forward, Mrs. Churchmouse forms a word that makes one visualize a small being inside a church doing secretive work. The next four lines all relate to the need to have faith in things that we do not believe to be real. "Rats" make a direct correlation to evil especially since the "Devil" is in the last line.

This Segment shows the good vs. evil theme that recurs throughout the book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in a good read that will keep your mind intrigued. I enjoyed how it had many twists and turns. As soon as you learned something about the strategy of one of the sides, you would learn something about the other side that would counteract what the other side was planning, and it kept on going back and forth.

My opinion on the book.

The song at the beginning actually happens to be the theme song for the television show that is based on the book. Its constant up-beat music shows progress and determination. And progress is the forward movement of something. And, throughout the book, they go through many challenges and adventures that get them closer to their ultimate goal of victory which is to defeat Cluny the Scourge.

The book was later adapted to be a childrens television show.


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