Redesigning Pathways to HS Graduation

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Redesigning Pathways to HS Graduation

Instead of asking for a minimum score of 55 on each of five Regents exams in order to graduate, allow students achieving a composite score of 300 on all five exams to graduate with a local diploma.

Due to recent changes made in the requirements for graduation from NYS public high schools, beginning this year, an additional sixty-thousand NYS students PER YEAR are likely to be found ineligible for a high school diploma. These students will attend school and pass their classes but because of diagnosed learning disabilities unaccommodated in the new, language-intense exit exams, they have a high likelihood of failing at least one of the five tests required in order to secure a diploma.

The Problem

Without a High School Diploma These Students Cannot...

* Enroll in a vocational or technical school;* Matriculate at a community college;* Apply to the Civil Service (including sanitation work); * Enlist in the military.

Redesigning Pathways to HS Graduation

Solutions to this Dilemma Include:

Use PBA (project based assessments) or student portfolios or a newly devised assessment tool, rather than standardized testing, to measure diploma readiness.

Allow students to use IEP accommodations while taking Regents exams (depending on the subject, this is currently disallowed--ie: dyslexic students are not able to have passages read to them or questions reframed on the Language Arts Regents.)

City of Binghamton, population: sixty thousand.


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