Redeeming Love

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Redeeming Love

Conflict: Angel has been trapped in prostitution since childhood. She learns that men cannot be trusted. Michael Hosea is told by God to pursue Angel and show her the unconditional love the Father has for her. Angel is almost killed by her owner, the Duke, and Michael seizes his chance to get her out of prostitution and marries her. Although Michael saves Angel, she cannot trust him when he promises to love her and protect her. She feels the weight of her sin breaking her and is too ashamed of herself to except Michael's love.Climax: Angel views herself so dirty, so unworthy of any love she cannot except that Michael truly loves her. She is so ashamed she runs away, thinking that she can allow Michael to get a wife that's pure and worthy of his love if she leaves. She runs from Michael's love because she thinks she will benefit him. Michael is heartbroken and she leaves for three years. She returns to her town of prostitution and starts a ministry to get girls out of prositution. Michael thinks she will never come back and Angel hopes he will get a new wife worthy of his love. Resolution: Angel finally comes back to Michael. She trusts him enough to let herself except his love and love him in return. She trusts Michael so much she tells him her name, Sarah. She hadn't told anyone her name since she was 9 years old. Although prostitution had made Sarah barren, God allows her to have the child Michael always wanted.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Protagonist:Genre: Romance, Historical FictionSetting: Redeeming love takes place in the 1850's in the American frontierProtangonist: Sarah/ AngelTheme: Even when God's children are sinful and run away from Him, He is still willing to embrace them with His redeeming love.Point of view: Written through the view of a narrator.

"I want you to love me. I want you to love me enough to let me love you, and I want you to stay here with me so we can build a life together. That's what I want."-Michael Hosea"Love God and He will enable you to love others even when they disappoint you."-Michael Hosea

Sarah was a burden to her family since chilldhood. Her father hated her so much he left her mother. Her mother, in desperate need, was forced to sell herself into prostitution to provide. Sarah's mother soon died leaving Sarah with her uncle. Her uncle sold Sarah into prosititution, like her mother, at age 9. Her owner, the Duke, gave her the name angel. Angel learned that men are thieves that are only capable of taking advantage of women. They contain no virtue at all. She didn't believe anyone was trustworthy.

Characterization of Angel How Sarah views herself as Angel: Sarah views herself completely dirty and unworthy of any love. She has seen the worst of all people including herself. She cannot except that a man, Michael, who is so kind could ever love such a sinner as her. She feels so unworthy that she runs away from Michael.How Michael feels about Angel: He sees that Angel is sinful and lost. However, he also relizes that Angel needs someone to show her love that will point to the unconditional love of her Heavenly Father. He marries her in order to show her that she can trust him with her love. He loves Angel, and no matter the obsticles always pursues Angel


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