Red Wolves

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Red Wolves

By: Maddy

Cool fact:In 1980 people thougt that Red Wolves were extinct.

Basic Facts:Diet: They eat mostly small mammals such as rabbits and rodents. They are also known to eat insects,berries, and occasionally deer.Height: About 26 inches at the shouldersApperance:They are reddish tinted. That is why they are called Red Wolves.

Mating Season: Pups are born annually in April and May. 5-8 pups.

The reason Red Wolves are endangered is because of habitat loss an they were targeted during hunting season.

How they track them:They put rdio collars on them,but when they track the pups they can't put radio collars on them beause they grow really quickly and it could hurt them. So instead they put chips in them and once their full grown they put radio collars on them.

My Bibliography:Red Wolf Bibliography

How you can help Red Wolves:Learn more about them.Share knowledge with other people and figure out whats true and whats false. The last one is really important because what other people say is not always true.



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