Red Wolves

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Red Wolves

North America

Red Wolves

Endangerment Reasons• Many killed by humans, interbred with other species, lost woodland habitat• Once declared extinct, last 17 saved at captive breeding program• Critically endangered-only 100+ in the wild• Reintroductions are occuring in some oooo areas, including North oooo Carolinaasf (ADW, ARK, FWS) Pic: HST

Habitat• Used to live throughout southeastearn USA, then southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana, now remote areas in North Carolina• Formerly lived in mountains, lowland forests, and wetlands, now inaccessible swampland and mountainous terrain • Climate is hot and sss wet during summer ssss and cold duing winter (ADW, ARK) Pic: FWS

Description• Tawny red fur with gray and black touches, dark back and black tail tip• About 5 feet long, stands about 26 inches at shoulder, and weighs 45-80 pounds, with larger males• Communicates with vocalizations, body language, pheromones, and touchafasfd • Mammal a • One of the rarest ssssssss canidssssss • Pairs mate for life sssss (ARK, FWS, ADW) Pic: L+S

Food Chain• Eats mostly small mammals, such as rabbits, racoons, rodents, coypu, deer, and pigs. Also eats carrion and some fruit• Finds food in its habitat: swampland and mountainous terrain in North Carolina• Carnivore • Predators are other red sfasf wolves, gray wolves, and asfdas coyote. Young wolves may sadf be eaten by alligators, asfdfsd large birds, and bobcats (ARK, ADW) Pic: PB

Why You Should Help• The poor wolves were shot in large numbers by humans for hunting livestock, even though this claim was exaggerated• So many were killed that they went extinct• Red wolves help control rodent pest population and never attack people • Please help save these asfasdff innocent wolves (ADW, ARK, FWS) Pic: HFJ WP

Adaptations• Heavy coat that molts and large ears to cool off during hot weather• Avoids humans, is nocturnal, and is most active at dusk and dawn during winter• Sharp teeth and fast legs for catching prey• Hunts in an area for 7-10 days, then moves(ADW, FWS, FSU) Pic: WM

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