[2015] Ishani Hariprasad: Red Wolves

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[2015] Ishani Hariprasad: Red Wolves


DIETThe Red wolves favorite kind of food is meat. they are carnivores so they prefer small mammals like rabbits, rodents, raccons & birds. Sometimes they will spot a moose or a deer and eat it. They have to have something not fatty so they eat berries and insects. If its bad hunting season they will go up to 20 miles in search of food or eat what ever is their.

HABITATHistorians belive that Red Wolves lived throughout Southeastern U.S. They actually live in Florida, Texas, Canada & the Gulf coast. They prefer places near streams & sandy knolls. The most of their home (the forests they lived in) were cut down by humans for factories and other terrible things for the enviorment. (Humans are their only threat.) They love areas that the can easily hide in such as forrests, swamps, hollow trees, bushes & the prairie.

REPRODUCTIONIt takes a male & a female plus a whole pack to raise a litter of 1-9 pups. The den of the red wolf pups are very well hidden. Adults bring food and feed it to the pups. The pups aren't allowed to leave the den until they mature. Then about 1-3 years later they follow their parents pawsteps and find a pack of their own (it's life or death in finding a pack.) The alpha wolf from each pack breeds once a year from January through March. So in other words they mate in really late winter. A little while later the female wolf becomes pregnant for 60-63 or 3 months. 9 weeks later pups are born! (It takes at least 10 days for pups eyes to open!)

INTRESTING FACT Did you know that there are about 20 pure Red wolves in captivity? And there are about 207 wolves and 37 breeding facilities. There is only about 100 Red wolves in the wild. They were almost hunted to extinction until the law that hunting Red wolves was illegel. The Red wolf is super shy and wouldn't dare to come too close to humans. Red wolves are known by 3 names: Red wolf, Canis Rufus and Canis Lupus Rufus. They are 4 feet tall and 26 inches at sholder lenghth and weighs 48-80 pounds. They are bigger than a coyote. They are a mix between a coyote and a grey wolf. They communicate by scent marking, vocalization, facial expressions and body postures. They live for about 5-6 years and can have pups at 2 years.


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