Red wolf

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Red wolf

The Red Wolf can be found in Florida and in North and South Carolina

The Red wolfs are mammals there mating season starts in late winter. They are pregnant for about 60-63 days and then they give birth to about 2-8 pups.

Red Wolf (Canis Lupus Rufus)

The Red wolfs diet consists primarly of small mammals such as rabbits and rodents but it is also known to eat insects berries and occasionaly deer.

AdaptationsRed wolfs have about 40 adaptations some of these adaptations are the ability to live in the climate of the Southeast United States ,camaflage,speed and sometimes visability.

Red Wolf FactsHeight:26 inchsLength: 4.5- 5.5 feet long (including tail)Weight : 50-80 Lbs Lifespan: 6-7 years in the wild ; 15 years in captivityFur color : brown ,buff cinnomon , red ,and black Red wolfs are primarly nocturnal / active at night and communicate by scent makeing vocalization such as howling facial expressions and body postures.There are about 100 left in thw wild.

The Red wolf is considered the most dominant predator within there enviroment only comeing under the threat from larger canines like the grey wolf and coyotes.

Survival Tecniques1.They use the long ears to help them hear at night for prey and predeatos.2.They use there long legs to help them run away from hunters and preadators.3. Their thick fur helps them stay warm in the winter while hibernating.4. Snarling helps protect themselves against predators .


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