Red Wolf

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Red Wolf

They live swamps, coastal prairies, and forsests.Their Dens arwe located in sand knolls, hollow trees, and stream banks. Red wolves give birth to 4-8 pups

The red wolf commincates scent making, howling, body postures, and facial expressions.

Red Wolf

5 Ways to Help the Red WolfSome ways to help the red wolf is by not taking down their habitat. We need to be more careful when we are driving to make sure we don't hit any red wolves.Another way to help the red wolf is stop people from illegally hunting the wolves. We can put the red wolves in captivity so there isn't any interbreeding between coyotes and red wolves.

Red wolves get their anme becasue of the reddish fur behind their ears and along their anck and legs.

Red wolves are carnivores

The red wolf is one of two species in the world, the other is the gray wolf.Their life span is usually 6-8 years in the wild and abot 14 years in captivity.



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