[2015] Jillian Vomero: Red Scarf Girl

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[2015] Jillian Vomero: Red Scarf Girl

Red Scarf Girl


"Then I heard my name called. My heart raced and I held my breath. I could hardly believe it. I was nominated."(Jiang 56)

"Until that spring I believed that my life and my family were nearly perfect."(Jiang 13)

Red Scarf Girl, a memoir by Ji-Li Jiang, is about how her life changes, and how she has to deal with different types of situations. Ji-Li is faced with many dilemma's and she will soon have to make a decision for all of them.

Ji-Li believed that her life was nearly perfect. After spring, she realized that it wasn't. A reason why her life isn't perfect is because she was told by her father that she couldn't do the audition. Ji-Li noticed that something was up due to the fact that she couldn't do her audition. Her family had been having problems, by Ji-Li doing the audition, other people would also find out.

Throughout Ji-Li's life, she has been faced with many types of situations. She was told she couldn't do the audition, she had a da-zi-bao, and she is constantly being faced with even more problems. When she found out that she was nominated, that changed everything. Ji-Li became overwhelmed. She now has the chance to do what she has been wanting, like being a Red Successor.

"What could I do to make up for my family background."(Jiang 73)

In the memoir Red Scarf, written by Ji-Li Jiang, the protagonist Ji-Li has to overcome many difficult choices involving her country. For example, in the beginning, Ji-Li has to choose whether or not she is going to help destroy the four olds. She has the choice to either help destroy them or to watch the act take place. This was a significant part of the book because this is the first of many choices that she will have to make that will determine her future. Another example of one of her difficult decisions is when she was pressured into choosing her family or the government. An example of this dilemma is when Ji-Li attempts to change her last name. She was debating on changing her last name because she had wished for a new clean record with the government. Ji-Li ended up sticking with her original last name because she realized that her family was more important. Overall, Ji-Li is a brave young girl that ends up going through many obstacles and choices at a very young age, and she has to make sure she is making the right choice for each of them.



When Ji-Li is thinking of what she could do to make up for her family's background, she comes across and idea to outshine her past. Ji-Li will try anything to make up for her family's past. She tries to replace her families bad image with a new one by getting accepted into a good high school. Ji-Li's father's political problems are putting her in a bad place because it is now affecting her.

"Thats why I believe you are brave enough to face and eventually overcome the difficulties of life."(Jiang 198)

Teacher Zhang is speaking with Ji-Li and talking about how confident she is. Her teacher is constantly bringing up how much confidence she has even though she believes otherwise. He thinks that Ji-Li should choose her family over Chairman Mao. He concludes that she is strong enough to overcome the difficulties that will come with going with her family. If Ji-Li does decide to go with her family, she will need to have confidence for the challenges she will later face.

"We cannot choose our families or our status. But we can choose our own futures."(Jiang 198)

Ji-Li is being put on the spot because she feels like she is being rushed to make a choice. She is stuck between siding with her family or going with the government. She is in the middle of two very different situations. Her family is loving and caring while Chairman Mao is strict and demanding. Ji-Li is beginning to be forced into making a decision and she is worried she will make the wrong one due to the pressure she is under.




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