[2015] Trinity Restel: Red Scarf Girl

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[2015] Trinity Restel: Red Scarf Girl

This quote is from the very end of the story after Ji-li makes a life changing decision.

In the cultural revolution, a child from a "black" family who is loyal to the commuist part and rejects his/her "black" family.

This has a lot of meaning when Ji-li says it. She is frustrated and upset and feels she is doing somthing wrong.

Ji-li Jiang

Chairman Mao's Little Red Book

Four Olds

The Four Olds were a played a very important part in the story. The Four Old are old ideas, old culture, old customsn, and old habits.

Educable Child

Red Scarf Girl

This is a quote from "Red Scarf Girl" and this has a lot to do with the challenges Ji-li faces throughout the story.

"...you can break with your family and follow chairman Mao, or you can follow your father and become an enemy to the people."

"I know...i cut her off rudely as I lay down again and turned my face away "you don't need to say anything"

This is a red scraf that children would have in China. Much like the one Ji-li has in the book.

This is Chairman Mao

This is a picture of people that were acused of going against the revolution.This is what they wanted to do to Ji-li's father.

Cultural Revolution

A group in carge of any organization or comany within China.

The scocial and political upheaval that took over China from 1966-1976.

This quote is from very early on in the story, when Ji-li faces something that she finds to be unfair and very disappointing.

"There are more important requirementss, political and considerations..." pg.9

This quote from the book finds Ji-li in a torn position. At this point she must make the decision that will determine her future.

"Here is the opportunity for you to help Chairman Mao's Revolution. Who can win the most honor by telling us first?"

"I took a deep breath and shook my head." "I will do my job. I will."

"Ji-li, don't worry...." "I know." I cut her off rudely as I lay down again and turned my face away. "you dont need to say anything."

This is from the middle-around the end of the book. When Ji-li was doing summer work and got sent home for something important.

Ji-li Jiang and her compleatly normallife has just been compleatly turned upsidedown when the Cultural revolutionstarts and changes everything from cultureto the way people dress. Ji-li's whole futer depend on weather she id going to go withthe revolution or stay the same and be withher family.

In the book "Red Scarf Girl" Ji-li Jiang must face many obsticals and make many difficult decsions along the way through the Cultural Revolution. Ji-li knows that even though everyone is telling her to join the Cultural Revolution she should stay with her family and not give in to peer pressure. The over all theme of this book is culture. Ji-li never gave up her culture or beliefs or anythign she knew to be true. She figured out that family is more important to her than fitting in with the way everyone else was starting to live.

Revolutionary Committee

Theme statement


An economic system in which goverment ownership of land industries, transports, natrual resources, ect. is suppost to help distribute wealth more evenly between the rich and poor.


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