Red River Rebellion Timeline

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Red River Rebellion Timeline

1 Oct 1869

1 Jul 1867

1 Jan 1822

12 May 1870

1 Jul 1884

9 Apr 1874

15 May 1885

16 Nov 1885

19 Nov 1869

The United Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick decided to join the confederation.

1 Jul 1870

The Manitoba Act reconized the area of the Red River Settlement as a province. It was created after the Metis voiced their complants about losing their rights.

Louis Riel goes into hiding when a troop of militiary men are after him for justice for Scott's death but their attempt failed. John A. MacDonald arranges for Riel to leave the country but he refuses to run away.

By: Jessica Ledesma

Riel was expelled from the House of Commons. The Prime Minister, Alexander MacKenzie, offered Riel amnesty if he left Canada for five years, which he did.

Louis Riel gives turned himself in and is tried in Regina where he is found guilty and is charged with treason.

The Hudson's Bay company sold Rupert's land to Canada for $1.5 million with no consideration for the people who lived there.

Fort Garry was created as the centre of fur trading in the Red River Settlement.

Red River Rebellion Timeline

William McDougall was appointed as the Lieutenant Governor and sent 1,000 troops to take down the Metis at the Red River Settlement. However they retreated back after they arrived.

After being found guilty, Riel is execueted.

After being kept in an asylum for issues regarding his mental health, Riel returned to defend his people in Saskatchewan which caused another outbreak of rebellion.


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