Red Rebellion Timeline

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Red Rebellion Timeline


Canadian surveyors began to survey the Metis land around the Red River, changing the land divison from long, narrow strips to square township lots

HBC withdrew it's rule of Ruperts land and sold it to the government of Canada for 1.5 million, with no consideration of the rights and lives of the people living there


Louis Riel (future leader) of the Metis stopped the surberyors for trespassing on Andre Nault's lanf by stepping on their chains and in October formed the National committee of the Metis , a council to decide how to protect the metis

Louis Riel and the Metis aptured Fort Garru, a hbc trading post in the Red River Settlement and set up a provisonal government there.

Willam McDougall arrived at the Red River Settlement to govern the new territory and was stoppedand send away by armed Metis






A group of Candian armed men including Thomas Scott(anti Metis person), marched to the red river settlement. the group was caught and jailed by Louis Riel!

John A Macdonald sent his messenger to the Red River settlement to explain to the Metis his plan to govern their colony

John A Macdonald's messenger returned back to Ottwa and brought back a bill of rights for the Metis

Scott continued to cause trouble and threatening and insulting the Metis, Louis Riel ordered him back to trial. Thomas was found guily and sent was sent to death.

Word got around in Ontario about Thomas Scott's death and demanded that Louis Riel to be hanged for murder

Red River settlement was named Manitoba and entered into confederation after Louis Riel's provisional government finally came to an agreement with Ottawa


John A Macdonald sent troops to the Red River settlement to prevent anymore trouble .Some Ontarian groups decided to get revenge for Thomas Scott's execution.Louis Riel's followers adviced him to flee the country and left by horseback.


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