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Red Queen

Mare Barrow lives in the Stilts, a poverty stricken village. In the world that she lives in, you either have Red blood and are a commoner, or you have Silver blood with special abilites that resemble those of gods. Mare expects to be drafted into the military because she is of age, seventeen, and never aquired a specific talent, for example, fishing. Those in society who are not artisians or aritsts must join the military, to fight a war no one remenbers starting. Mare resorts to stealing and pickpocketing and makes the mistake of one night trying to steal from Prince Cal. He was in disguise and she couldn't tell who it was, but he shows her kindness and compassion. Little does she know that Cal takes pity on her and finds her a job working in the palace for the King and Queen. While in the palace, she discovers that she has the abilites of someone with Silver blood, but her blood is Red. She can create, use and manipulate electricty. It is a gift no others have. The King and Queen see this as a threat and secide to keep her at the palace for the rest of her life. They fabricate a story that she is a long-lost princess of a famous Silver general and was recently discovered. Mare soon becomes betrothed to the second eldest son, Maven and begins her life as a member of the Silver court, amongst her ememies. When Mare was still living in her village, she came in contact with a rebel group called the Scarlet Guard who fight the Silvers for freedom and the removal of the cruel king. Mare knows that the world she lives in is not what it should be and joins this rebellion. While in the castle she meets up with the Guard and helps plan attacks and the murder of several key people in the Silver court. Maven also joins the Scarlet Guard and aids in their plan to create a new world. Mare continues to learn how to use her powers with the help of her teacher, Julian. The Guard Plans an attack on the castle, and at a key point in the battle, Maven reveals that he was never really a part of the . He is a traitor used Mare to his advantage to gain the throne from his father and brother. The King is killed and Cal and Mare are charged with murder. They are sentenced to death. In an epic battle , Cal and Mare survive with the help of Mare's powers. The Scarlet Guard is triumphant!This book fits under the genre of Fansasy becasue it has elements of magic and supernatural powers. It also mentions there being differet types of people, the Reds and Silvers, yet another facor contributing to the fantasy genre. It also is classifyed as a young adult book as well. The Red Queen has romance and adventure and the tone of voice it is written in is more geared towards a younger audience.

Book Summary and Genre

Mare Barrow-- Main Character, Protagonist, the sotry is told for her point of view. She has the red blood of a commoner, but has the special abilites and powers of an elite Silver ruler. She can manipulate and create electricity using her mind. "A jet of light-- no, lightning erupts from my hands blazing through metal(Aveyard 71)." "I can feel all eyes on me, the burned Red girl. The human lightning rod (71)." Cal-- The eldest son of the Silver King and heir to the throne. Has silver blood, can create and use fire. Skilled in combat and fighting. Knows that the conflict between the Silvers and Reds is wrong, but because he is the heir to the thone he can not do much to change it. "Then silver shines in the moonlight and I see another coin. "I don't want your pity," I say. "I'm truly sorry for you Mare. Things shouldn't be like this.(71)Maven--The second eldest son of the Silver king and second in line to the Throne. Is bethored to Mare. A smart, cunning prince, can also conrtol fire. Always feels he lives in his older brother's shadow and isn't as good as Cal. "I'm the shadow of the flame," said Maven with sadness in his voice (Aveyard 345).

Major Characters


This book reminds of the world around us today. The basis for the plot, somone lives in a bad situation, suppressed by a cruel leader, and wants to change things for the better, is something that I can relate to. Everything that is happening in the Middle East, wars and evil terrorist groups, and leaders who don't care much for their people, makes me realize that our world is not much different than a novel. I more than ever appreciate where we live today. This was one of my favorite books that I have read recently. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. I would reccomend The Red Queen to anyone who has an understanding of wanting to change and make the world around you better.

383 pages

Red Queen

Vicrtoira Aveyard



The overall theme of this book has any different elements to it. One of the more important ones is bravery and standing up for what is right, even at the price of your own saftey. Mare is decalred a long-lost silver pincess because of her ablility to control lighting and electricty. She is in the middle of her enemies, the Siver Royalty, and she a common Red. But at the price of her own personal safety she contiues in secret to work with the Scarlet Guard to try and overthrow the King and Queen. Mare knows it is the right thing to do to get rid of a cruel king who doesn't care for his people. Once a month, people with Red blood and Silver blood fight to the death in an arena. It went on for years and no one bothered to try to put an end to it. Mare sees this and want to makes things better. She is a brave character because even though she is scared and in danger, she works with the Rebel Group to try and change things. "Revloution needs as spark," I murmur. "And even sparks burn" (Aveyard 191). The author wanted people to see that if you know something is wrong and hurting people, even at the price of your own safety, try to make things better.

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The Red Queen


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