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Red Panda

Marten (predator).

Snow Leopard (predator).

The Red PandaBy Chloe Mouchacca

Red Panda diagram

The Red Panda, native to Asia, is 50 - 65 centimetres (Around 2 feet long), weighs around 4 - 6 kilograms, and lives for 14 years, but in the wild, lives for 10 years. It’s a fairly endangered species with a vulnerable status. There are around 10,000 Red Pandas in the world. Their scientific name is Ailurus Fulgens.The Red Panda is generally found in the Southern Asian Eastern Himalayas. They can also be found in Burma. Mountain and bamboo forests are also a normal living space for the Red Panda. A Red Pandas diet consists of mainly bamboo. Bamboo doesn’t have too much nutrition in it so it’s diet can vary to blossoms, berries, acorns and linches. They also spend a large amount of time sleeping to save energy.

The Red Panda is a fire/ nepalese fox with a 30 - 60 centimetre long, bushy tail. This tail helps them to balance on trees and keeps them warm in winter.The Red Panda has red stripes on it’s back and it has dark fur on the underside. It’s colour allows it to easily camo- flash against white linches.

The Red Panda is basically a cat! Along with that, they are an acrobatic and skillful animal, with a Nepalese name ‘Ponya’ which means ‘plant eating animal’ .The Red Panda is impacted and reduced in population mainly from traps meant for other animals like Wild Pigs and Deers.The Red Panda doesn’t have many predators. Never the less, they have a vulnerable status. There are only around 10,000 individials left. The predators of the Red Panda are the Snow Leopard, the Martan and a Human (homosapien). A martan is a small animal with very sharp teeth.The Red Panda is sometimes poached in China and Myanmar.The vulnerable Red Panda is a herbivore with a Nepalese name. We need to protect them as there are only 10,000 left. This Nepalese fox deserves to be protected so at a later date, we still have existing individials.

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