Red Panda

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Red Panda

The Red Panda is a member of it's own category, known as the Ailuridae, and are continously seen as the only living sector of the division.

Red PandaAilurus fulgens

The Ailurus fulgens, has become more and more endangered because of the destruction of their forest habitats. Because of this, tmany National Parks and zoos are trying to preserve and protect this species.

The small panda is an herbivore- which means that their typical diet consists of fruit, nuts, eggs, and roots.

Katey McGruderAlexis Mcglothin3rd Period

The red panda is composed up of Eukaryotic animal cells.

The Red Panda is a shy and solitary creature except when mating. They tend to mate in the summer and nest up to 90 days. They live in tall trees of high-altitude forests but also moutains.

Young red pandas grow relatively slow, so they stay with their mothers for a year.

For protection the Ailurusfulgens stays high up a tree. Their large tails prevent heat lose and help them maintain balance.

Academy D: Katey McGruderLaw Academy~ Its against the law to kill Red Pandas for their fur.

Their long claws help them scale the tallest of all forest trees

Red Pandas make a twittering sound; "Wha". They tweet in order to communicate or warn.


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