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Red Panda

The Red Panda or Ailurus fulgens have 10,000 left in their population. It’s two feet tall and weighs about two kilograms and it lives for 14 years in captivity or 7-8 in the wild.Habitat.The Red Panda’s habitat is the eastern Himalayas. The Himalayas are in China. The Red Panda hides in the high mountain rain forest in the tall trees.DietThe Red Panda’s diet involves bamboo. Unfortunately bamboo is unhealthy and they also eat berries and acorns. AppearanceThe Red Panda’s appearance includes reddish and yellowish stripes not like any other Panda. The Red Panda weighs 4 to 6 kilogram, is 79 to 120 cm long and have 30 to 60 cm tail. They look like a cat and a bear combined.PredatorsThe Red Panda does not have many predators but it does have three, such as martens, snow leopards and humans. Martens are like cats with piranha teeth and humans hunt the Red Panda for food.Facts/human impact.The Red Panda is slightly bigger than a cat has a bear like body and rough fur.They live in the eastern himalayas and there is only 10,000 of them left. Humans are impacting their lives by hunting them and eating them. We are also building on their land and making pollution which kills them.Conclusion.Because there are only 10,000 Red Panda’s left, they are going to become extinct, if we don’t start protecting them, they won’t be around anymore. Think about the Pandas.

The Red PandaBy Patrick

Red Panda.

Did you know that the Red Panda is one of it's kind? They are the only panda that looks like a cat and is red from their name.

Red Panda in the tree.

Cute Red Panda.

Red Pandas playing

Video of the Red Panda playing.

Red Panda eating.


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