Red/Green Color Blindness

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Red/Green Color Blindness

Ishihara test diagnosis The number on the demo plate (left) can be identified even by the color-blind. The number on the test plate can be read only by a person with normal vision.

Mrs Moore-Science.Genetic Disorder Project

Red/Green Color Blindness

How We See ColorStructures in our eyes known as rods and cones allow us to see color. Cones see color and rods see black and white. Since every color is made from magenta, yellow, and cyan our brain has a special "code" for every color we see. The code consists of how much of each base color is in what we see. The brain measures the amount of each and comes up with a number for that amount. What Is Color BlindnessColor blindness is when the cones in your eye are damaged or missing. This normally isn't developed it’s normally a birth defect, but can happen for other reason for damaging the eye or retina. This does not affect a persons health nor is it related to other disorders or health problems but can be hard to detect. Color blindness can be managed and a person with this disorder can live a normal happy life. Not all reds and greens are indistinguishable. It would be easy for someone with a red-green deficiency to tell the difference between a light green and a dark red, for example. A lot depends—at least in part—on how dark the colors are. If the red is approximately as dark as the green, there is a greater likelihood that the colors will be confused.

Red-green color blindness is in the majority of cases provoked through a defective X-chromosome. Human beings have 23 different pairs of chromosomes and one pair is the so called sex-chromosome. This pair consists of two X-chromosomes on women and one X- coupled with one Y-chromosome on men. Color vision in the red-green area is coded on the X-chromosome which is called a sex linked trait. The OPN1LW gene provides instructions for making a protein called opsin that is essential for normal color vision. It's Cytognetic Location is Xq28

EnChroma’s Cx sunglasses are designed to help in these cases, by selectively reducing the transmission of given wavelengths of light, thus allowing red and green to stand out.

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