Red Foxes

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Red Foxes

Red Foxes in ColoradoBYMcKenna Murchison

fast facts Foxes are part of the dog family.The most commen fox is the red fox.A female fox is called a vixen.A male fox is called a dog or a tod.A fox can run up to 30 miles per hour.

habitatRed foxes usually dont build there dens.They find them,but when they do build them,they use mud,sticks,dirt,and there paws to dig.Foxes hunt and they are very clever.Foxes have tricked humuns and dogs.

life cycleThe commen red fox lives up to 3 years, but rarley to 10 years A red fox has 3 to 8 pups per year.The mother and father take care of the pups for 7 months after there born.

DietFoxes mainly eat rodents,rabbits,and sometimes fruit. the fox will catch its prey like a tiger, they will get down low, stock its prey, then attack.A foxes diet is flevible.They eat fish,frogs,worms, and snails.


WOW!Foxes are part of the dog family.Foxes are clever theyhave tricked humuns and dogs.

RangeRed foxes live in the plains, foothills,and the montane shrub lands.

WOW!Foxes are onmvores, they eat meat and fruit also vegetables.

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