Red Foxes

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Red Foxes

Red FoxesBy: Michaela

Red foxes run really fast. Red foxes run from their predators. Red foxes run 30 miles per hour. Red foxes run from wolves/coyotes/iynx and cougars. These are facts abut red foxes.

Red foxes are mammals. Even though red foxes can be predators, they can also be prey. Red foxes get hunted by wolves/coyotes/cougars.

Red foxes live around the world. Red Foxes live in many habitats. Red Foxes make their homes. They make their homes out of frozen/treeless tundra.

Red foxes eat rabbits and other animals.They kill their food before they eat it. Red foxes hunt mammals. They pounce or attack their prey. They also store food for later.

I like red foxes because they are very interesting animals. They live in many places around the world. They have an interesting home, and their kits, or babies are very cute.


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