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Red fox

physical description A red fox has brownish red fur with a white belly.theyhave a bushy tail with a white tip. they also havepointed ears and a sharp snout. Red foxes have excellent hearing, keen vision and sense of smell. Red foxes wiegh between 4.0kg -8.3kg body length 57-75cm tail length 36-45cm

Red fox

Vulpes vulpes

behaviourRed foxes are nocturnal, they rest during they day and hunt at night. They live in small family groups when the pups are young and other times live alone or in pairs. Red foxes mate\breed once a year in spring. They usually have a litter of four pups. Red foxes communicate with each other by growls, yelps and yapping barks. Red foxes define their territory by scent marking the area with faeces and urine.

controlRed foxes became a pest as they sprad rapidly throughout Australia with no predators or diseases. Red foxes were able to live in a different range of habbitats and with a wide variety of food to hunt\catch. Red foxes have a high rate of successful reproduction. Red foxes are a threat to biodiversity because they kill our small native species such as possums, rock wallabies, bilbies and numbats. They eat the eggs and young birds of the endangered mallefowl. Red foxes carry a disese called mange which affects wombats and dingoes. people can try to control red foxes by shooting, setting traps and poision baits. basic facts Scientific name of the red fox is Vulpes vulpes (vool-payz) The female are called vixens and males are dog fox. red fox babies are called cubs or pups.

Habitat Red foxes live in most parts of Australia particuly the southern half of Australia. They prefer woodlands\farmland for easy food and shelter but also live in cities. they live in dens, hallows and old rabbit burrows.

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introduction of speciesThe red fox was first introduced to Australia Melbourne Victoria in 1855. They were introduced for sport and hunting.future impactsIf we cannot control the red fox population the effects will be terrible for our wildlife as populations are low and many native species will become endangered or extinct.

food\huntingRed foxes are omnivores. They eat rabbits, mice, birds, chickens, lamds, frogs, lizards, insects, dead animal remains, fish, native animals and fruit. Red foxes are quick skillful hunters. They hunt their prey at night and often hide\bury spare food to eat later. Red foxes in cities scavenge for food in rubbish\bins.


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