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Red Fox

Introduced Species

Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)Georgia Moncrieff

Current Distribution...•Distributed in all of Australia except Tasmania and small proportions of Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.•Out of control because of fast breeding habits and few natural predators•Recent illegal introduction of red foxes toTasmania

Introduced...•During the mid- 1800’s (around 1845)•Victoria, Melbourne.•By European settlers.•For sporting purposes; ex. recreational hunting •Purposeful introduction

Original Distribution...North America, Asia, The Middle East, Europe and a small area of northern Africa.

Predators: -Australian birds of prey; the Goshawk and the Eagle-Dogs that hunt fox cubs; the DingoPrey:-Sheep, rabbits, invertebrates and livestock-Primary predatation on mice, squirrels and voles-introduced and native species.Competitors:-Dingoes and feral cats

Now…•Net wires, fencing, net roofing, guardian dogs, trapping with cages and shooting for a sport.Control level: not very successful•Difficult and expensive.•foxes are highly adaptable•High population and ability to breed quickly

·The fox is an animal of predation•Highly varied diet•Consume 300 different animals & plants.•Bury food for future consumption•Cull and scavenge for food.•Omnivore; they eat meat, plants & insects.

Ecological Role...

Future…•Poisoned bait•Preventing foxes from entering places and islands which they are yet to occupy by using fences•Promoting awareness of what damage the red fox can do to native Australian species

Control Levels and Methods...

Figure 1: The Red FoxSource: Google, 2013

Figure 3: The Red Fox current distributionSource: Google, 2013

Figure 2: The Red Fox original distributionSource: Google, 2013

Figure 1: The Red FoxSource: Google, 2013


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