Red Crescent

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Red Crescent

Hope When the IFRC visits the places of disaster, the local people recevie such a weight of encouragment and love that they have hope that things will get better. The IFRC is a program that enstills hope into many people who have lost it.

HistoryAfter World Was I, Europe was left devistated with no one there to help clean up. So, the IFRC was born. Its first oblugation was just to help countries improve their health after World War I. Since then the IFRC has 187 countries as members, and does everything from running a blood drive to training people on how to react when there is a disaster.

In Cambodia the Red Crescent teaches locals about eating healthy

One of the Red Crescents obligations is to carry out releif operations in countries that have experienced great disaster. This picture is from Haiti 2010

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The Red Crescent

Background(literally)The reason for all the birds and crazy backbrounds is because, they are symbols of hope and freedom.


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