Recycled Art

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Recycled Art

This is a suitcase made from recycled street signs.

This art was created by stacking books. Over 1,000 books were used in the process.

Recycled Art is a non-traditional art made from discarded items and used to create masterpieces!

Recycling began in 400bc and earlier. People had to recycle used things and made them into other valuables. Coins and jewlery were melted into weapons and other goods. In WWII, soilders had to take large amounts of rations and citizens had to make it neccesary to recycle items.

Recycled Art

This adorable puppy was made from shredded paper that had been used.

By: Aoife Goggin

This fish is made of plastics that would of been thrown away. Various cleaning bottles have found a new use to create the bulk of the fish.


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