Recycle Reduce

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Environmental Studies

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Recycle Reduce

Recycling is of wise.

The planet is like glass , but it can get dirty or clean.

Recycle or slap.


Living up the planetRECYCLE !

The three R ruleThe three R ( 3R ) is a rule to protect the environment , specifically to reduce the volume of waste or waste generated . In short , the 3R help you throw less waste , save money and be more responsible consumer, thus reducing your carbon footprint . And best of all, it's very easy to follow as it only has three steps: reduce, reuse and recycle.

>> Do not empty containers with caps or lids posts : remove them and place them in the container packaging.>> Hangers , ceramic and bulbs are not packaging : should go to clean point .

Jimena Alcalá.Diego Garrido.Paula Parrado.Raúl Zamora.


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