Recruitment Poster Description,(Assignment),History

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Recruitment Poster Description,(Assignment),History

You are apart of one of the groups that is living in British North America during General Hull's invasion of Upper Canada. You feel really strongly about your opinion on whether a group should fight or not fight in the War of 1812 with the British or the Americans. Your mission is to make a recruitment poster that will persuade and influence others to take on your opinion.


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Things to Think About When Creating Your Poster


1) First decide if you want to make a poster that is "Pro-War" or "Anti-War". 2)Decide what audience you want your poster to attract (British colonists, French colonists, or Aboriginals).3) Use Glogster to create an effective poster based on your ideas. Don't forget what makes a poster effective (slogan, visually appealing, and it should have some sort of message)!



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