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Health & Fitness

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RecreationArchaeologists have uncovered artifacts that provide some first-hand evidence of the creative, athletic, and recreation activities of primitive peoples from around the world.Women didn’t enjoy the play of recreation in ancient Greece.It was always the men who participated in athletic competitions.


Sports Greeks played:Running ( cursus)Wrestling ( lucta)Boxing ( pugilatus)The pentathlon (quinquertium) which consisted of:-jumping or leaping-the foot-race-throwing of the discus-throwing of the spear-wrestling-The pancratium - a combination of wrestling and boxing and martial arts


The Roman coliseum is perhaps the greatest architectural achievement of antiquity. Built over 1925 years ago.The coliseum is a monument to the achievements of ancient Rome.It was also meant for Gladiators and entertainment.

Fun fact:The study of Recreation and Leisure in modern society, is helpful to have a clear understanding of its role in the past.

LeisureThe ancient Greeks developed the art of town planning and customarily made extensive provisions for parks and gardens, open-air theaters and gymnasiums, baths, exercise grounds and stadiums.They had beautiful natural settings including indoor halls, gardens and buildings for musical performing.

Recreation & Leisure

HistoryThe history of Recreation and Leisure is a rich tapestry of people, places, events, and social forces, showing the role of religion, education, and government and the customs and values of different cultures, their arts, sports, and past times. By coming familiar with the evolution of Recreation and Leisure, we are better able to understand and deal effectively with the present.

Roman Coliseum

Leisure Time Consist of:Playing music, and spending time talking with friends and telling stories, playing board games, playing with bow & arrows, or sling shots, swimming, having dinner parties and going to public gymnasiums.


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