Recovery from Stroke

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Recovery from Stroke

Physical Barriers Faced in Recovery- Physical weakness is common, and often requires physical therapy- It is also important for patients to be evaluated for speech and swallow capacity as dysphagia is common for patients- Incontinence is also a common difficulty faced by patients- Patients also have a lower seizure threshold and must be monitored for this during their recovery

Recovery from Stroke

Rehabilitation ProgramsThe types of rehabilitation programs include:- Hospital programs, acute care or rehabilitation hospital- Long-term care facility - Outpatient programs- Home-based programsSpecialists involved in Rehab:- Physicians: physiatrists, neurologists, internists, and/or family medicine physicians- Rehabilitation nurses- Physical therapists- Occupational therapists- Speech-language pathologists- Social workers- Psychologists

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Role of the Physiatrist- Physiatrists play an important role in functional improvement of patients recovering from stroke- A paper from 2015 demonstrated that patients managed by a physiatrist demonstrated statistically significant improvement in function

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