Recoreded Books- Introduction to Education Technology

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Recoreded Books- Introduction to Education Technology

Where can you get it?You can get recorded books in stores that sells CDs or on itunes or on music websites. They are available both from nonprofit organizations, and from commercial companies.

Recorded Books!

Introduction to Education Technology!Alexandra Stelnicki

What are the Pros and Cons Recorded Books Recorded books allow students that learn in different ways or can not read to listen to material and understand materials in alternative ways. It can be an easy out for people who do not want to study as well and that is not good.

Who Benefits?People who are Audio learners, slow readers, blind and dislexic people and people who struggle with normal comprehesion benefit from Recorded Books.

What is it?

Recorded books or audio books are books that are recorded and put onto a CD or other material that allows for a student to hear the material. This makes it easier for some people to listen to the material and understand it in a different ways. Recorded books can be listened to on standard audio equiptment such as CD players and MP3 players and Ipods.

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Click Here for more information on Recorded Books! or for information on how to burn a CD with an audio book on it Click Here



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