Reconstruction of Georgia

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Reconstruction of Georgia

Reconstruction ofGeorgia

The u.s. provided financial aid to REBUILD cities, schools, and railroad to improve the south.

sharecroppers had nothing to bring into a relationship with a landowner. Tenant farmers were workers who brought something into the relationship with a landowner.





Johnson's plan for reconstruction asked the southern states to ratify the 13th amendment , which banned slavery .

Henry McNeal Turner was one of the first African-American legistlators in the Georgia general assembly. Uncomfortablely , he was kicked out of office. The GGA told Turner (and other legistlators like Tunis Campbell) that they had the right to vote but not the right to hold office.

The last plan for Reconsrtuction was made by congress , who felt that Lincoln and Johnson were too soft on the south. They wanted the south to ratify the 13th AND 14th amendments (the 14th amendment gave equal rights to citizens).

13th amendment - banned slavery14th amendment- gave equal rights to all men15th amendment- gave all men the right to vote

The Klu Klux Klan was the supremacist organization that tried tp keep African-American from voting . This organization led to the Georgia Act, which again placed Georgia under military rule.

Klu Klux Klan

After the Civil War

After the Civil War , there was a time of adjustment , especially for the slaves. The former slaves (called freedmen), hadf literally nothing - no home, no job ,no education and no one to protect them. The Freedman's Bureau was established at this time to help former slaves adjust to their freedom. The bereau educated the former slaves and gave them food and shelter.


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